Monday, October 08, 2007

Use It or Lose It

Do you have any leftover 2007 budget dollars that are burning a hole in your pocket that you have to spend by the end of the year or lose? Here’s an idea: Consider investing in the future.

By that, I mean consider investing in ways to identify some of your key knowledge gaps and prioritize some strategies to fill them. Or investing in development of a road map toward better marketing measurement: What would the key steps look like? In what order would you want to progress? What would the road map require in terms of new skills, tools or processes?

It seems kind of odd, but while the pain of the 2008 planning process is still fresh in your mind, start thinking about what you can do better for 2009. By orienting some of those leftover available 2007 dollars toward future improvements, you might make next year’s planning process just a bit less painful.

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