Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DMA Jumps the Shark

In true Hollywood fashion, the DMA announced their headliners for this year's DMA Days conference. The keynote speaker will be... drumroll please.... Ivanka Trump - that skilled expert in direct marketing and ROI.

Is it possible that the DMA is losing sight of its role and mission? In this current environment where attracting paying registrants to conferences is so difficult, they seem to have err'd on the side of flash and glitz rather than meaningful substance and advancement of the trade.

It's hard to deny that Ivanka will put more butts in seats than the most compelling direct response case study. And perhaps more butts in seats for Ivanka actually will lead to more exposure of members to substantive content. But it's a sad day when such a long-valued industry organization can't find enough compelling content that they resort to the equivalent of Fonzie jumping the shark to draw "spectators". Maybe next year they can get Chris Angel to come make their relevance re-appear.

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